Hard water in WH




Dont let the hardness of your water ruin your plumbing fixtures:

Hard Water and Water Heater Damage

Studies have found that hard water deposits inside water heaters not only increases energy consumption, but also significantly decreases the lifespan as well.

In 2010 the Battelle Memorial Institute conducted an extensive study comparing water heater performance with hard water vs. soft water.

The study found that each 5gpg of water hardness resulted in 0.4 pounds of scale accumulation per year. This relatively small buildup resulted in an 8% loss in efficiency and an 8% increase in energy consumption by water heaters.

Over a 15-year lifetime, hard water was found to increase heating cost by 48% due to loss of efficiency.

At the same time, water heaters operated on softened water maintained their original factory efficiency rating.

The study also found that Tankless Water Heaters completely stopped working after 1.6 years of use due to scale plugging caused by 26gpg hard water.